Southern Hemisphere
Blue Whale Catalogue

The Southern Hemisphere Blue Whale Catalogue (SHBWC), is an international collaborative effort to improve knowledge on southern hemisphere blue whales by comparing photo identification catalogues among different researchers and institutions.

Specially designed software facilitates the sharing process of simultaneous catalogues of individual blue whales. It allows to host several blue whale catalogues and to make inter-regional comparisons.

To date, a majority of blue whale catalogues in Southern Hemisphere are being contributed to this collaborative effort.

Results of comparisons among different regions in Southern Hemisphere will improve the understanding of basic questions relating to blue whale populations in the southern hemisphere such as defining population boundaries, migratory routes and model abundance estimates.

Any researcher or institution working on photo identification of blue whales in the Southern Hemisphere is welcome to contribute to the SHBWC.

To access the system you first require a user name and password, which must be provided by the system administrator. You can contact the administrator at [email protected] and inquire on the process.